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Summary of Article - should be This article demonstrates...

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Nusrat “Alex” Hossain Estimating the Effect of Abiotic Factors   11/1/2010 Summary of Article: Pollution can be very detrimental to our environment and ultimately lead to the deterioration of society. Critical loads of pollution can have an adverse effect on vegetation, which in turn can severely be harmful to humans. Professionals in the field of biology or similar related field attempt to capture the magnitude of the effects of pollutants. They perform several tests on communities in order to see if the pollutant has spread throughout the vegetation. The article employs the endorsement theory which attempts to explain what levels the critical load
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Unformatted text preview: should be. This article demonstrates the utilization of the endorsement theory to diminish incomplete, qualitative and inconsistent information on abiotic parameters such as climate and management, which may influence the vegetation response to various critical loads. In general, the article provides a new way to approach critical loads of pollution may affect a community and how scientist can handle the situation at hand. Citation: Hall, Jane; Wadsworth Richard. Estimating the Effect of Abiotic Factors on Modifying the Sensitivity of Vegetation to Nitrogen Deposition: An Application of Endorsement Theory. Water Air & Soil Pollution . 2010, 212, 441-459....
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