Taryn Lopez Case 1 #4 Flowchart

Taryn Lopez Case 1 #4 Flowchart - Sales Order Entry and...

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43ccbea0de226004e8228205f65bb5ec4a5659a2.xlsx Sales Order Entry and Accounts Receivable Cash Receipts Accounts Payable Cash Disbursements Bookkeeper Controller President, Other  Manager (Monthly) LAN software produces transaction reports Mgmt prints out & initials approved reports Approve s journal voucher Sales staff enter customer's orders into Sales Order Entry module Storeroom Clerk receives vendor invoice & receiving report & matches it with 2nd copy of purchase order Records journal entries from various LAN software updated from other depts Nonrecurring Journal Entries recorded Produce Daily Listing of Journal Entries Daily List Journal Entries Recurring Journal Entries recorded Journal Entry Transaction File Approve s & initials recurring journal entries General Ledger Master File acct software records Journal entries from Journal Entry Transaction File to General Ledger Master File General Ledger Master File Trial Balance and Financial Statement s Trial Balance and Financial
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