Quiz #2 - Taryn Lopez (Honor) April 14, 2010 Quiz #2 1....

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Taryn Lopez (Honor) April 14, 2010 Quiz #2 1. Local- a. Obtaining the most qualified employees with a limited pool of individuals to choose from. b. There is a challenge to handle employee’s disciplinary actions when they disobey company policies. National - a. There is a challenge to develop nationwide benefit plans and policies for each location. b. There is a challenge to make sure each location is maintaining fair treatment of employees. International – a. There are many cultural variations due to behavioral differences that need to be addressed. b. We want to make sure our organization will be able to communicate effectively with a foreign language barrier. 2. Wal-Mart’s biggest organizational shortcoming stems from their lack of concern with employee’s compensation and benefits. They pay their employees below poverty level and do not offer affordable health care options. Many employees must rely on government support such as food stamps to help them get by. Wal-Mart is making it clear that profits are more important than their employees. Paying employees so low creates high turnover. 3. Alan Vaughn, CPA, P.C. (my employer) – The strategy is to offer services to our clients by giving them a feeling that they are valued. The company characteristics include being a locally owned, small business that is able to provide your services. The staff is very small and therefore you will be dealing with the same employees over and over. The clients have a feeling that they are valued and can call and know who they are talking to. The organizational culture includes being widely diverse in your ability to perform tasks. Since the company is so small, each employee has a wide range of responsibilities. Every employee knows each other’s and works side by side at various points during the day. The employee concerns include worrying that enough hours are available after tax
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Quiz #2 - Taryn Lopez (Honor) April 14, 2010 Quiz #2 1....

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