Appendix A WK2 - Short Answer Questions HUM/186 Version 1 1...

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Short Answer Questions HUM/186 Version 1 1 Appendix B Kuldip Singh HUM- 186 August 11, 2010
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Short Answer Questions HUM/186 Version 1 2 University of Phoenix Material Appendix B Answer each question below. Answers should be approximately 100 words per question. 1. What are the primary roles of media delivering news to the public? The primary roles of the media, is to provide update news around the clock to the public. By providing update news about domestic and international events, this helps us in understand what is going on domestically and around the world. One of the main roles of the media news is to provide news in detail. For example, when the US invaded Iraq and Afghanistan the public had the right to know what was going on there. By giving details the public was able to make senses of it. So the primary role of the media that is delivering news to the public is to provide update news in details. 2. What is the significance of immediate news media delivery on culture? Americans depend on the internet much more than before, internet is used to get any and every kind of information. It’s a lot easier to find out about what happing around the world, now days we do not have to sit around the living room in front of the TV to catch up with news, when we can just go online and read it. Media provides update news around the clock. Media has significance effect on our culture, with mobile devices, laptops, it make easy for us to find out what is going around our neighborhood and in our community. 3. What are the social responsibilities of news media? Social media news is a powerful tool; with that it has more responsibilities. The responsibilities that it has to carry are accountability, more awareness, more paradise it already promotes rules of responsibility, respect and humor. The other major responsibilities that social news media has to take it into considers is try not to offend anyone. With social news media a word can be spread a lot faster than traditional news such as the newspaper or on TV. It’s very easy to offend an individual and the community by giving the wrong information. Social news media need to make sure that the news that they are providing came from a credible sources. 4. What are important ethical and legal considerations in the online world?
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Appendix A WK2 - Short Answer Questions HUM/186 Version 1 1...

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