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04 November 2010 ECSE 351A Electromagnetic Fields Assignment 5 Due: 16 November 2010 1. Problem 3-18 from the course text. 2. Problem 3-19 from the course text. 3. Problem 3-24 from the course text. 4. Problem 3-26 from the course text. 5. Problem 3-28 form the course text. 6. Consider the flux plot shown below of the static magnetization field
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Unformatted text preview: M in a linear material region. Assuming that M does not vary in the y direction, determine the direction of the net bound volume current density at any given point within the region. (a) Negative x direction. (b) Negative y direction. (c) Positive x direction. (d) Positive y direction. (e) I don’t know …...
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