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Scan0003 - ECSE 351 ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS QUIZ#3 Mark/5/10...

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Unformatted text preview: ECSE 351 ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS QUIZ #3 Mark: (/5) /10) Please answer the following questions. Each question is worth 1 mark. 1. Provide a definition for the gradient of a scalar field represents physically. gran» «LL a, + gray it. 0:2. A" 4:} cl? f and explain what it ‘Lm, JVu’i'flt of V - 7‘ AA“ and ‘l" P 6: , “’11 mjjml' pmwlz; us Hem may f 3 an; rn Mu (Wu- “0!. I‘D)" 0” 014.93; al’ an” firm I’ V 4/ // 2. The gradient of a scalar field f is a: //., a. El scalar quantity/ , ,a/ rquantl / 3. The gradient of a scalar field f is perpendicular to‘ all equi-value “ @ b. CI false surfaces” off: / 4. The circulation of the gradient of a scalar field zero: ;W;e~ I /////"' b. .0 false f around any closed path is always 5. Briefly explain what the divergence of a vector field F(r, t) measures: n 0/4 I'l/S o. maSwt a} M} W; 3,”): POI?) ads/Mg valm wm’f 0! /‘ /"" / Page I of 2 ...
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