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Computer Engineering ECSE 322 Fall 2010 Lectures: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 12:35 PM– 1:25 PM, Burnside 1B45 Instructor: Prof. Warren Gross Office : McConnell 505 Phone: (514) 398-2812 Email: Office Hours: Wednesday 4 PM – 5 PM or contact to arrange a time. Tutorial: Tuesday 5:35 PM -7:25 PM MDHAR G-10 or Monday 2:35 PM to 4:25 TR0060) NOTE Last Monday tutorial moved to Friday December 3 TAs: Gabi Sarkis ( ) Sina Meraji ( ) Webpage: myCourses (handouts, announcements) You are expected to check myCourses on a frequent basis for any communications, handouts, links and pointers, schedule changes, etc… Credits: 3 Prerequisites: ECSE 200 and ECSE 221. Textbook: Printed course notes will be handed out in class. No single book covers all topics of this course, however most of the material can be found in standard textbooks (see suggestions below). Most of the material on data structures can be found in: *Silvester, P.P.: Data structures for engineering software. Boston: Computational Mechanics Publications, 1993. 182pp. Two books which differ in style but cover similar topics are recommended for reading on operating systems: *Lister, A.M.: Fundamentals of operating systems. Second edition. London: Macmillan, 1979. ix+161 pp. (old but simple to understand. .) Tanenbaum, A.S. Modern Operating Systems, Second Edition, New Jersey, Prentice- Hall, 2001, xxiv + 951 pp.
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Material on computer structure will be drawn mainly from the following group of books: Vranesic,Z.G., Zaky,S.G.: Microcomputer Structures. New York, Saunders College Publishing, 1989. xvi+712 pp. Tanenbaum, A.S.: Structured computer organization. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall, 1976. xix+443 pp. •Clements, A.: The principles of computer hardware. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1985. xv+454 pp. The books marked with "*" are the nearest to much of the course. However, to cover all aspects, lecture notes will be distributed. These are likely to suffice for initial reading, but will probably require support from the books above, or other similar texts. It may be wise to have good access to one or two of the books in each major area (e.g., to share them with a few friends). Numerous other textbooks cover the same topics. It is important that you spend some time reviewing texts in the area - most of these are available in the
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ceoutline - Computer Engineering ECSE 322 Fall 2010...

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