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304-322A MidTerm Test Initials ________ Signature: _________________________________ I.D.Number: ________________________________ Printed Name: _______________________________ McGill University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Course 304-322A -- Computer Engineering MidTerm Test Friday 19 October 2001 PLEASE NOTE CAREFULLY: Sign this paper, fill in your student ID number and print your name at the top of the first page and on the mark sense sheets - if you do not do this the exam may not be marked. Initial each page of the exam paper in case the sheets should get separated . Make sure the signed paper in its entirety is handed in at the end of the examination. INSTRUCTIONS: This exam consists of two parts; part 1 consists of a set of 16 multiple choice questions, part 2 consists of a set of 2 questions with short answers - YOU SHOULD CHOOSE ONE OF THE TWO QUESTIONS IN PART 2. The answers to the questions in Part 1 (the first 16 questions) should be entered on the computer marked sheets, the answers to Part 2 should be written on this question paper in the space provided. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER EXAM BOOKS FOR ANSWERS TO BE MARKED. Unless otherwise stated on the exam paper, the scoring method for this examination will assign 1 mark for each correct answer, 0 marks for a blank or wrong answer. All multiple choice questions will be weighted equally in scoring. This is a closed book exam. However, the candidates are allowed to bring in one sheet of letter size paper which may have handwritten notes on both sides. Please sign this paper at the top of this page, write your name legibly, and read the important notice above. ENTER THE NUMBER OF THE SHORT ANSWER QUESTION IN PART 2 TO BE MARKED HERE: MidTerm 2002A - 1
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304-322A MidTerm Test Initials ________ TEST QUESTIONS PART 1 - This part consists of 16 multiple choice questions. Indicate the correct answer to each question on the computer readable sheets provided. 1. In constructing a keyboard, the relationship between the physical position of a key on the keyboard and the ASCII code sent to the output is controlled by: (a) The number of keys on the keyboard (b) The structure of the Read Only Memory (c) The size of the multiplexer (d) The speed of the clock (e) The protocol used on the serial line. Answer (b) 2. Which of the following best describes the reason for putting a memory buffer at the input to a printer? (a) The extra bits used in a Start-Stop protocol need to be removed from the character (b) It is required to match the speed of the serial line with the speed of the printer (c) It removes the need for the printer to be able to send information to the interface (d) It is required to match the average rate at which data is sent to the printer with the average printing rate of the printer (e) It increases the rate at which characters can be printed. Answer (d)
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fall2001 - 304-322A MidTerm Test Initials Signature...

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