ultrev ch.4 - RENAL Multicystic dysplastic kidney MC cause...

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RENAL - Multicystic dysplastic kidney – MC cause of abdominal mass in newborn - Mycetoma (fungal ball) -Candidiasis - MC renal fungal disease , hyperechoic nonshadowing echoes - Hyperechoic masses : mycetoma, angiomyolipomas, blood clots, pyogenic derbis, nonshadowing stone - Acute tubular necrosis – MC cause of acute renal failure or medical renal disease - Renal obstruction – 2 nd MC cause of ARF after prerenal azotemia - Diabetes – MC of renal disease leading to kidney transplantation - Kidneys and adrenals lie within the perirenal space and are separated from the pararenal spaces by gerota’s facia. Rt kid is slightly inferior to the lt kidney. Gerota’s fascia covers kidneys and adrenals Function – blood pressure regulation, maintain salt and water balance, acid & base balance, fluid volume Horseshoe Kidney – MC fusion anomaly , IMA stops ascension Crossed Fused Renal ectopia – 2 kidneys on one side of abdomen Fused Pelvic Kidney – both kidneys fuse together and stay in pelvis Ectopic kidney(pelvic kidney) – kidneys stay in pelvis, inc incidence of UPJ obstruction, reflex Duplex kidneys – result in upper pole dilatation if problems Extrarenal pelvis – fluid filled structure extending medially to the kidney Unilateral renal agenesis – assoc. uterine duplication (bicornuate uterus) in women, men – seminal vesicle agesesis Posterior urethral value – ( PUV ) – sono – large bladder, hydroureter, hydro, urinoma, decreased urine output, “key hole” MC of urinary obstruction in male
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ultrev ch.4 - RENAL Multicystic dysplastic kidney MC cause...

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