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Introduction to Japan AS 2211 Fall 2010 Professor Jane Marie Law Assignment number 2 This assignment is being posted on October 25 and is due on December 3 at noon in Rockefeller 343. Because you have well over a month to complete this assignment, late papers will not be accepted. Please do not ask. (Obviously, in the case of documented serious emergencies, arrangements can be made.) This assignment has two parts. For this assignment, you are to consider militarism and the martial as a mode of cultural identity imagination. In the case of Japan, how has the tradition of bushidô been formulated? What writers helped shape this idea or constellation of ideas? How does the play Chûshingura advance the code of bushidô?
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Unformatted text preview: How has this idea changed over time? Are there downfalls to having militarism as a primary mode of identity imagination? Second, consider the imagination of the military and martial in post-war Japan following Japans defeat in August of 1945? How has the binary of Japan the aggressor and Japan the victim been formulated in cultural memory? What is at stake in the sides of this binary? Are there pitfalls to this binary of victim/aggressor? You are to use assigned readings and films and some outside research. You paper should not exceed 3000 words if possible, excluding bibliography and title page....
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