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ENSC 460/894 Assignment 2: (Feb 9 due Feb. 16 2006) 1 For a ND:Yag laser calculate the ratio of the spontaneous radiation coefficient to the stimulated coefficient (Nd:YAG wavelength is 1064 nm). (5 marks) 2 A bi-concave lens of f = -30 mm is mounted 110 mm in front of a plan- convex lens of radius 60 mm, n = 1.5 and is looking at a 3 mm integrated circuit located 30 mm in front of the device. Using the both the combined lens formulas and matrix methods give the position and magnification of the resulting image. Draw a sketch with those locations. What is the focal length of the equivalent lens and where is it located? (10 marks) 3 A Huygens eyepiece (occular) is a combination of two positive thin lenses of the same glass. If the lenses are separated by half the sum of their focal lengths then chromatic aberration is eliminated. Assume two thin lenses of f=2.1 cm (field lens - furthest from the eye) and 1.5 cm (eye lens - closest to the user). Use both matrix methods and combined lens formula to solve this question. (a) What is the combined focal length of the eyepiece (3 marks)
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