GSU CHEM 1151 syllabus Fall_2010

GSU CHEM 1151 syllabus Fall_2010 - Chemistry 1101K and...

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1 Chemistry 1101K and 1151K Course Syllabus Fall Semester 2010 Classroom Support for Instructors: (404) 413-4321 Getting Started : For important laboratory information and dates of initial laboratory meetings, check GoSOLAR under the “Schedule of Classes”, and be sure to SCROLL ALL THE WAY OVER TO THE RIGHT for complete lab information. Students who fail to attend the first laboratory session may LOSE THEIR SPACE IN LAB. If lab space is lost, the student will have to WITHDRAW FROM THE COURSE. Notice that on your course schedule there are two times (a pre-lab lecture and a lab) listed for your laboratory. Make sure you ATTEND AT BOTH OF THESE TIMES . Otherwise, you may be administratively disenrolled from the class and someone else will get your spot. The pre-lab lecture and the lab are consecutive, and both start on the same day. For students in Chemistry 1102K and 1152K, additional required information and the course schedule for BOTH classes can be found on the Chemistry 1152K Home Page. To access the Chemistry 1152K Home Page, go to the GSU Home Page at and click on uLearn (at the top). Your “username” and "password" are necessary to access this site. Your username is everything before the @ sign in your GSU email address. Your GoSOLAR pin number is your password. Since it can sometimes take a while to process a new username and password, you will want to check for access right away. If you have not used uLearn before, you may need to "Configure your browser" before you login. Then login and follow the instructions to Chemistry 1152K. A copy of the Course Syllabus can be printed from this site. Note that an extra credit on-line questionnaire is due in the very near future (see course schedule in this syllabus). The questionnaire is based, in part, on the topics in the syllabus. To avoid computer problems, each initial computer access (weekly) is best done at one of the GSU computer centers where computer technicians can help with any technical difficulties. Hours of operation for GSU computer labs downtown and at other locations, can be found at Check the Chemistry 1152K Home Page daily for course information. Instructor : Dr. Laura Kibler-Herzog (Dr. Herzog) Lecture : Tues and Thur: 9:30-10:45 am / Room 102 Library South Office : 519A Science Annex (across street from the front door of Kell Hall). Office Hours : Tuesday and Thursday, 1:00-2:00. Students are also welcome to call or come by the office at other times. (This time is not meant to be a tutorial session, so please bring specific questions.) Telephone : (404) 413-5527 Email Address : When sending an email to Dr. Kibler-Herzog, under the “Subject” heading, please state in which class you are enrolled (e.g., 1102K, 1211K, 4999K, 8960K, etc.), or your email may be interpreted as "SPAM". Students should check their GSU email daily.
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2 Prerequisite for This Course : A good working knowledge of basic algebra is mandatory
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This note was uploaded on 11/22/2010 for the course CHEM 1151 taught by Professor Staff,u during the Fall '08 term at Georgia Perimeter.

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GSU CHEM 1151 syllabus Fall_2010 - Chemistry 1101K and...

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