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9 - activity questions #1,3-6

9 - activity questions #1,3-6 - Carly Meyrowitz EDHD306...

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Carly Meyrowitz October 27, 2009 EDHD306 Activity Questions #1, 3-6 1. A possible reason why no relationship was found could have been due to the sample selected. It is likely that Dr. Turk used a nonprobability haphazard sampling technique to collect his. Perhaps the convenience of his sample led him to choose a sample from the same area, all which has a similar reading comprehension. Another reason is the floor effect. This kind of effect takes place when a task is too difficult for anyone to perform well. Perhaps Stephen W. Hawkings book was at too high a level of comprehension for this sample. 2. Because the assignment is to study the effect of time, I believe that one group can remain studying the 5 words for 5 minutes, but that the time gap with the other group should be larger. Instead of studying the words for 7 minutes, they should study for either 10 or 15 minutes. This will emphasize the effect of time, which is what the researchers are looking for.
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