9 - cultivate self-efficacy for effectiveness

9 - cultivate self-efficacy for effectiveness - 01:48 Human...

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Unformatted text preview: 01:48 Human behavior is extensively motivated and regulated anticipatorily by cognitive self-influence Whatever other factors may operate as motivators, they are rooted in the core belief that one has the power to produce desired results Perceived efficacy occupies a pivotal role in causal structures because it affects human functioning not only directly, but through its impact on other important classes of determinants Goal aspirations Incentives and disincentives rooted in outcome expectations Perceived impediments and opportunity structures Efficacy beliefs affect self-motivation through their impact on goals and aspirations Perceived efficacy plays an influential role in the incentive and disincentive potential of outcome expectations The outcomes people anticipate depend largely on their beliefs of how well they can perform in given situations Motivation is governed by the expectation that a given behavior will produce certain outcomes and the value placed on those outcomes People act on their beliefs about what they can do, as well as on their beliefs about the likely outcomes of performance Beliefs of personal efficacy shape whether people attend to the opportunities, or to the impediments that their life circumstances present and how formidable the obstacles appear People of high efficacy focus on the opportunities worth pursuing, and view obstacles as surmountable Diverse organizational impact of perceived self-efficacy Perceived self-efficacy is an influential determinant of career choice and development A self-management work structure changes the model of supervisory managership from hierarchical control to facilitative guidance that provides the necessary resources, instructive guidance, and support that teams need to do their work effectively o The perceived collective efficacy of self-managed teams predicts the members satisfaction ad productivity...
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9 - cultivate self-efficacy for effectiveness - 01:48 Human...

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