2AReview1 - 2A Review Sheet- , Test 1, in class Thursday...

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2A Review Sheet - , Test 1, in class Thursday Oct. 14 covers lectures, readings, and films through Oct. 7th. Test questions will be in the form of--true false, multiple choice, matching. Questions on the exam may ask you to recognize correct definitions, synonyms, antonyms, or examples related to the concepts listed below. Exam questions on the readings and films may ask you to identify the article or film’s message regarding, for example, the nature of race, the “civilizing mission” and colonialism, the effects of imports on local industries, and so on. In order to take the test, bring the following items on Oct. 14 th : Pencil (2 Lead), Photo ID, Scantron Form Number F-288 with red ink It is the one that says "PAR SCORE" on the top. In class review Oct. 12th , Bring review questions in the form of:– how is this related to, or similar or different to that?, Is this an example of that? Is this what this statement in the reading means? And so on. SUGGESTED REVIEW- Make sure you understand: The 2 Broad themes- Seeing Like an Anthropologist, Global Processes/Divisions and Connections, and the sub-themes or key words associated with each of the broad themes. You should be able to define the concepts and ideas below in your own words. Your review should focus on concepts and relationships, and examples or illustrations of the concepts and relationships covered in lectures, readings, films. What is meant by the statement that culture is like a lense?
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This note was uploaded on 11/23/2010 for the course ANTHRO Anthro 2A taught by Professor Victoriabernal during the Fall '10 term at UC Irvine.

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2AReview1 - 2A Review Sheet- , Test 1, in class Thursday...

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