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2A Review sheet- for Test 2/ identities, anthropologies of politics, capitalism, and science. Focus on the four broad themes and the sub-themes and concepts related to each of them. Broadly, this part of the course dealt with anthropological perspectives on identities, politics and social order, on capitalism, globalization, and markets, and on science and technology. For each of these themes you should be able to state: why anthropologists study them, how anthropologists approach these topics in ways that reflect the discipline of anthropology, and be able to define in your own words the important concepts used by anthropologists to describe and analyze these relationships and processes. Some suggested questions for review: What are some examples that illustrate that identities are socially constructed? How are social categories important in people’s lives? What are some important features of state power? How was order maintained in stateless societies or other contexts without resorting to state enforcement? What is meant by privatization, neoliberalism, and flexible accumulation- and, how are they related? What are the ways the global is local and vice versa? What is the relationship between migration and capitalism? How does an anthropological perspective challenge the claims
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This note was uploaded on 11/23/2010 for the course ANTHRO Anthro 2A taught by Professor Victoriabernal during the Fall '10 term at UC Irvine.

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Reviewsheet2UPDATED - 2A Review sheet- for Test 2/...

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