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11/14/10 1 S OCIAL P SYCHOLOGY : I NTRODUCTION OCIAL I NFLUENCE Chapter 13 Outline Introduction to Social Psychology Social Influence Conformity Compliance Obedience The Effects of Being in a Group Introduction to Psychology What is social psychology? The scientific study of… how our thoughts, feelings, and actions influence our behavior toward others how the behavior of others influences our thoughts feelings and actions Why do we need social psychology? Because humans are a social species! From birth onward Remember attachment theory From our ancient evolutionary ancestors onward Early hominids spent time in small and consistent social groups 150 is (not) the loneliest number ! The approximate size of most human social groups (Robin Dunbar) Related to size of cerebral cortex?
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11/14/10 2 Why do we form these groups? Need to belong theory Biologically based need for interpersonal connections Supported by recent evidence from neuroimaging Social influence: The good & the bad Social facilitation 1 st study of social psychology Race faster! I’m going to beat you! Social influence: The good & the bad Social impairment Evaluation creates arousal Yerkes-Dodson law With hard, new, or uncertain tasks observation can lead to impaired performance Conformity, obedience, etc. not inherently bad
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