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Transport Worksheet 1. One role of the kidney is to act as a filter. Wastes need to be concentrated in the urine to be excreted while water and other nutrients need to be reabsorbed back into the body. A patient comes into the hospital you are working at complaining of frequent urination. After collecting and analyzing a sample, you discover that the concentration of urea is lower than normal. Considering what we have been learning about in class, what is a possible explanation for this patient’s condition? One explanation for the low urea concentration is that more water has entered the urine and diluted the waste. Water travels through membranes using aquaporin channels. The patient could have a high number of aquaporin channels which are allowing more water to flow into the urine than normal. Alternatively, the patient could have an average number of aquaporin channels but they could be defective in shape to allow more water in, perhaps by having a larger channel opening.
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