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M: cell division and cytokinesis G2: checkpoints and additional growth in preparation for cell division S: DNA replication G1: growth of cell, synthesis of macromolecules and organelles Mitosis and Meiosis Worksheet Mitosis 1. Label the following chart with G1, G2, S, and M phases. Write one sentence about the purpose of each phase in the cell cycle. 2. Why must a cell undergo mitosis? List at least 2 reasons. Replacement or repair of somatic cells, reproduction, growth 3. A 2N=4 cell has chromosomes that look like this: Draw what the cell looks like after S phase. Label chromatid, pair of sister chromatids, chromosome, and centromere in your drawing. Chromatid Pair of sister chromatids Centromere Chromosome Bio93 Discussion Week 6 11/01/10
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How many chromosomes are in the cell now? 4 4. Draw what this cell will look like in the following phases of mitosis. Metaphase Anaphase Daughter Cells Are these daughter cells diploid or haploid? Diploid How many chromosomes are in each daughter cell?
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Unformatted text preview: 4 Meiosis 1. Why must a cell undergo meiosis? To produce gametes for sexual reproduction 2. For the same starting cell with 2N=4 above, draw the following phases of meiosis. Metaphase I Telophase I Metaphase II Telophase II 2N N N N 3. In the cells above, write “2N” next to cells that are diploid and an “N” next to the cells that are haploid. Does the first or second division cause haploidy? First division 4. Fill in the following chart for the number of chromosomes and number of chromatids that would be present at each stage Cell beginning with 10 chromosomes Cell beginning with 46 chromosomes Cell beginning with 2N chromosomes Chromosomes Chromatids Chromosomes Chromatids Chromosomes Chromatids Metaphase of mitosis 10 20 46 92 2N 4N Telophase of mitosis 10 46 2N Telophase I of meiosis 5 10 23 46 N 2N Bio93 Discussion Week 6 11/01/10 Telophase II of meiosis 5 23 N Bio93 Discussion Week 6 11/01/10...
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Dis6_Mitosis+and+Meiosis+Worksheet_Solutions - 4 Meiosis 1...

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