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Genetics Mini-Quiz Two alleles are known for the gene of white coat color in horses: W w  (white) and W + (colored), where W w  is dominant over W + . a. A heterozygous mare is crossed with a heterozygous stallion. Fill out a complete Punnet  square that shows the mating. b. Using the Punnett square you drew above, what is the probability that you will get a white  horse from this cross? c. You have a white horse that you want to use to breed more white horses, but you aren’t sure  of the genotype. In order to determine the horse’s genotype you cross it with a colored horse. 
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Unformatted text preview: Draw 2 Punnett squares to represent the potential outcomes of the cross. Bio93 Discussion Week 7 11/08/10 d. You performed the cross and saw 50% white offspring and 50% colored offspring. What was the genotype of the white horse? e. What is the name of this type of cross used to determine an unknown individual’s genotype? __________________ _____ Bio93 Discussion Week 7 11/08/10...
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Dis7_Genetics+Mini-Quiz - Draw 2 Punnett squares to...

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