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Dis7_Genetics+Problems_Solutions - Genetics Problems 1 The...

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Genetics Problems 1. The ability to curl your tongue up on the sides (T, tongue rolling) is dominant to not being able to roll your tongue. A woman who can roll her tongue marries a man who cannot. Their first child has his father's phenotype. a. What are the genotypes of the mother, father, and child? T = tongue rolling; t = no tongue rolling Mother who can roll tongue genotype = TT or Tt Father who cannot roll tongue genotype = tt Child with father’s phenotype (no tongue rolling) = tt Possible crosses: T T t Tt Tt t Tt Tt All children can roll tongue. T t t Tt tt t Tt tt 50% children can roll tongue, 50% cannot. Mother = Tt Father = tt Child = tt b. What is the probability that a second child won't be a tongue roller? 50% (See Punnett square above). Bio93 Discussion Week 7 11/08/10
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2. Hemophilia is a sex-linked blood-clotting disorder. X H gives normal blood clotting and is dominant to the hemophilia allele X h . a. Give the genotypes of: A woman with normal blood clotting whose father had hemophilia X H = normal; X h = hemophilia
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