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Dr. O’Dowd has posted two past midterm exams (2008 and 2009). Besides providing questions to test your knowledge, exams can also be a tool to help you identify the types of questions and lecture material that is commonly asked about. Task: Review the two midterm exams and pick out the questions in each that fall into the following 5 categories: 1) Na-K pump 2) Membrane fluidity
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Molecular motors 4) Buffers 5) Cytoskeleton Part 1: Fill in the table 2008 Exam Question s 2009 Exam Questions What particular information from lecture are they asking about? Are the questions similar, different, or related? Na, K pump Membrane Fluidity Molecular Motors Buffers Cytoskeleto n Part 2: Find one other concept that is common to the two exams....
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