Week 7 Quiz - Name Question 1 A woman with type O blood is expecting a child Her husband is type A Both the woman's father and her husband's father

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Question 1 A woman with type O blood is expecting a child. Her husband is type A. Both the woman’s father and her husband’s father had type B blood. What is the probability that the child will have type O blood? Question 2 Meiosis differs from Mitosis in how: A. Meiotic division produces daughter cells identical to the parent cell B. Meiosis requires prior DNA replication during S phase C. Meiosis 1 daughter cells are still diploid D. Chromosomes line up independently on the Metaphase 1 plate E. Meiosis Is not important for producing blood cells in bone marrow Question 3 The following are key steps in the process of Meiosis: 1. Formation of four new nuclei, each with half of the chromosomes present in the parental nucleus 2. Alignment of tetrads at the metaphase plate 3. Separation of sister chromatids 4. Separation of homologous chromosomes 5. Synapsis; chromosomes moving to the middle of the cell Place these key steps in the order they occur during Meiosis (±rst to last). ______________________________________ Question 4
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