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Week2Activity - Part 1 Instructions will be given in class...

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Unformatted text preview: Part 1 Instructions will be given in class. Part 2: Discussion Questions Q1. Regarding membrane fluidity, why is cholesterol considered a "temperature buffer"? Q2. Fill in the table: The form of transport used to What is required for its move it across the plasma transport? membrane and into the cell. Why? (ATP, particular protein,etc) Carbon Dioxide Water Sucrose Na+ Q3. Past Exam Question: In a blood sample from Peter the Anteater you found that the extracellular concentration of Na+ was 140 mM and the red blood cell volume was 60 m3. The red blood cells were put in 3 different solutions (A, B and C) and the volume of the red blood cells in each solution is shown on the graph below. Indicate whether solutions A, B and C are hypertonic, hypotonic, or isotonic compared to Peter's extracellular fluid. A__________________ B__________________ C_________________________ ...
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