4_F10H3 - MATH 4 Fall 2010 Assignment #3 Instructor:...

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MATH 4 Fall 2010 Instructor: Professor R. C. Reilly Assignment #3 Reading Assignments (Note: Unless stated otherwise, all section and page numbers refer to the textbook for this part of the course, ‘Linear Algebra and Applications (8th edition)’, by S. Leon, or the corresponding ‘Third Custom Edition for UCI’.) Monday 10/11/2010: Section 2.1 Wednesday 10/13/2010: Section 2.2. However, I want you to read only the following portions of Section 2.2: (i) Read Lemma 2.2.1, and its proof (pp. 91-92). (ii) Read the short paragraphs labelled I, II, III, inside the box marked ‘Summary’, on Page 94; also read the short ‘Note’ which follows this ‘Summary’ box. (iii) Read the statements , but not the proofs , of Theorem 2.2.2 (p. 94) and Theorem 2.2.3 (p. 96). (iv) Read Example 1 on Page 95. Note The reason for having you read only bits and pieces of Section 2.2 is that the text phrases most of that section in terms of the concept of something called an ‘elementary matrix’, which is discussed in Section 1.5, a section that we are skipping. The portions that I’m having you read do not mention ‘elementary matrices’, so you can read them. I’ll provide you with some Notes to give you a treatment that does not use ‘elementary matrices’ at all. Friday 10/15/2010: Section 2.3, but stop at the middle of Page 101. (The rest of this section consists
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This note was uploaded on 11/23/2010 for the course MATH Math 4 taught by Professor Robertcreiley during the Winter '10 term at UC Irvine.

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4_F10H3 - MATH 4 Fall 2010 Assignment #3 Instructor:...

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