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MATH 4 Fall 2010 Instructor: Professor R. C. Reilly Assignment #7 Reading Assignments Note: Section and page numbers which start with ‘Stewart’ refer to the text for the second half of the course: ‘Multivariable Calculus (6th edition)’, by J. Stewart, or the corresponding ‘Custom Edition for UCI’. You are expected to do the assigned readings before the corresponding lectures. Monday 11/15/2010: ‘Stewart’ Section 15.3 Wednesday 11/17/2010: ‘Stewart’ Sections 15.5, 15.6 Friday 11/19/2010: ‘Stewart’ Sections 15.7 Things to Prepare for the Discussions Note: These are problems/examples/topics which the Teaching Assistants (TAs) will cover in the discussion sections. You are expected to work on them before you go to the discussions. (A) Prepare these items for the discussion on Tuesday 11/16/2010. (1) Exercises from Section 14.1 (pp 858-859): # 9; 28; 35 (2) Execises from Section 14.2 (pp 864-865): # 8; 16; 21; 23 (3) Exercises from Section 15.1 (pp. 901-905): # 3; 6; 18; 42; 48
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