51LA Exp4 F10 - EXPERIMENT#4 Thin-Layer Chromatography...

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A part of this experiment is adopted from Elder, J. W.; J. Chem. Educ. , 1995 , 72 , 1049. 51LA Rev 9/25/10 1 2 3 EXPERIMENT #4 Thin-Layer Chromatography Tuesday, October 19 – Monday, October 25, 2010 Technique: Thin-Layer Chromatography Category: Identification Thin-layer chromatography is a widely used identification technique. This method can be used to determine the number of compounds in a mixture, identify whether two samples are identical compounds, and monitor the progress of a reaction. Reading Assignment for Experiment #4: Read Technique 17: Thin-Layer Chromatography in Techniques in Organic Chemistry pgs 219-235). (Technique 15 pgs 177-189 in 2 nd Ed.) See Experiments section of course website for video. Pre-Lab Assignment: Explain why each of the samples spotted on the TLC plate shown on the right indicate that the TLC was done poorly. What should be done to correct the problems? Note: To save space, multiple examples are shown on on one plate. Consider each numbered example separately, as if each numbered example was on a separate plate. Safety Information Ethyl formate is a flammable liquid and decomposes gradually in the presence of water that irritates eyes and respiratory system. Used for the TLC development solvent for the polar compounds. Avoid contact and inhalation. Formic acid is a colorless liquid with pungent odor and causes eye irritation. Avoid contact and inhalation. Ethyl acetate is a clear volatile, flammable liquid; characteristic fruity odor. Overexposure causes irritation of eyes, nose, and throat.
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51LA Exp4 F10 - EXPERIMENT#4 Thin-Layer Chromatography...

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