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Practice Questions for Quiz 2 Quiz 2 will be based on the following topics: Globalization, Immigration, Long-Run Growth, Emerging Markets, Externalities 1) According to the article “The Three Tensions of Globalization”, what are the three tensions of globalization? Please explain briefly. 2) In the article “The Hub Nation”, the author talks about one “less obvious benefit of immigration.” What type of benefit is the author referring to? Please explain. 3) In the article “The End of Exceptionalism”, Fareed Zakaria claimed that Americans were nowadays standing apart for the wrong things. What exactly did he mean by that? 4) According to the article “The Secrets of Intangible Wealth”, what is intangible wealth? Why is it important? 5) Does the illustration “What Part of Legal Immigration Don’t You Understand?” provide any explanation as to why foreign unskilled workers prefer not to “get in line” before
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Unformatted text preview: coming to work in America? Please explain. 6) List and describe four determinants of productivity. 7) Give an example of a negative externality and an example of a positive externality. 8) If Country A produces 6,000 units of goods and services using 600 hours of labor, and if Country B produces 5,000 units of goods and services using 450 units of labor, then productivity is higher in Country B than in Country A. True or False? 9) Which of the following is a determinant of productivity? 10) Human capital is a. the same thing as technological knowledge. b. the same thing as labor. c. the tools and equipment operated by humans. d. knowledge and skills that workers have acquired. a. human capital per worker b. physical capital per worker c. natural resources per worker d. All of the above are correct....
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Practice+Questions+for+Quiz+2 - coming to work in America...

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