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Bonus_EYE - history of cardiac problems or 5 hypertension...

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Bonus: Ophthalmology Consultation Report Reason for Consultation: Evaluation of progressive loss of vision in right eye History of Present Illness: Patient is a 79 year-old-female who has noted gradual deterioration of vision and 1) increasing photophobia during the past year, particularly in the right eye. She states that it feels like there is a film over her right eye. She denies any changes in vision in her left eye. Past Medical History: Patient has used corrective lenses her entire adult life to correct 2) hyperopia . Past medical history includes left beast cancer successfully treated with 3 )left breast mastectomy ten years ago and 4) cholelithiasis necessitating a cholecystectomy two years ago. She has no
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Unformatted text preview: history of cardiac problems or 5) hypertension . Results of Physical Examination: 6) visual acuity test showed no change in the patient’s long standing hyperopia. 7 ) The eye muscles function properly and there is no evidence of conjunctivitis or nystagmus. 8) The pupils react properly to light, intraocular pressure is normal. 9) Ophthalmoscopy after application of mydriatic drops revealed presence of large opaque cataract in lens of right eye. There is a very small cataract forming in the left eye. There is 10) no evidence of retinopathy, macular degeneration, or keratitis. For 1 -10 describe in lay terms what the bolded, words or statement mean....
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