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Bonus for chapter 5- Respiratory System: Bring this bonus with you when you take the test. For students taking 4 chapters at a time, you may select any one of the bonuses listed for the chapters you are testing on and bring it when you come for your exam. All students can earn up to 5 extra point on an exam for the bonus questions. Medical Dictionary Use a medical dictionary or an online medical terminology site to find terms that begin with the following word parts and combining forms. Write the medical term and its definition in the spaces provided. 1. pleur/o New medical term: ________________________ Definition: ___________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: 2. thorac/o New medical term: ________________________ Definition: ___________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 3. hemat/o New medical term: ________________________ Definition: ___________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 4. endo-New medical term: ________________________ Definition: ___________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 5. poly-New medical term; ________________________ Definition: ___________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________...
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