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Medical Terminology Bonus Questions Female Reproductive System Read the following scenarios and write the medical term for each underlined word or phase. Remember correct spelling is important. 1. A young woman made an appointment with a physician that specializes in female reproductive health . Her major complaint was debilitating cramps during her menstrual cycle . She also complained of irritability, edema, headaches and fatigue that she said occurs about 10 days before her cycle. _______________________, ____________________, _______________________ ____________________________________ 2. Judy Smith made an appointment with her doctor for a routine female exam. The doctor explained that she was going to perform a test by swabbing some of her vaginal and cervical secretions to look for the presence of abnormal or cancerous cells . The doctor stated that she would first use an instrument to open up the vagina , so that she could also visually inspect the area. She further added that many women are exposed to a
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Female_Reprod._extra_credit - Medical Terminology Bonus...

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