Exam3-outline - STA2023 Exam 3 Outline (Chapters 18a - 22)...

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1 STA2023 – Exam 3 Outline (Chapters 18a - 22) The following is a checklist of important points covered in chapters 18a-22. You should use this outline as a relatively comprehensive list of the major points of inferential statistics. In addition to this review, look over the online quizzes, the lab, and the in-class handouts/activities You need to bring a graphing calculator with you to the exam. Similar to the previous exams, you will be allowed a 3x5 index card for this exam (one side only). There are several formulas involved in this work (see the attached page) – write these formulas on the index card (they will NOT be provided on the exam). The Z-Table will be provided. Chapter 18a - Be able to apply the NAB for the distribution of sample proportions ( ^ p values - ). The exact distribution of ^ p values - is Binomial (a discrete distribution). However, if certain conditions are met (pages 461-462) we can approximate the distribution of ^ p values - with a Normal model (a continuous distribution). ^ p p μ = ^ p p q n σ = - Know how to calculate probabilities using the NAB. Remember that the area under a Normal curve represents a probability. Example: Find P( ^ 0.37 p > ) Chapters 19-22 - Know that every confidence interval always follows the form: (point estimate ± ME) - Know how to use the confidence interval formula to find a 90%, 95%, or 99% confidence interval for p ^ p ± (z*) . ^ ^ p q n where z* for a 90% C.I. = 1.645 ; z* for a 95% C.I. = 1.96 ; z* for a 99% C.I. = 2.576 - Understand that “95% confidence” means that, if many samples of size n were collected and 95% confidence intervals were generated for each of those samples, 95% of the resulting confidence intervals would contain the true value of the parameter being estimated and 5% would not. -
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Exam3-outline - STA2023 Exam 3 Outline (Chapters 18a - 22)...

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