Exam4-outline - STA2023 Exam 4 Outline(Chapters 18b 23 24...

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1 STA2023 – Exam 4 Outline (Chapters 18b, 23, 24 + Ch. 19-22) The following is a checklist of important points covered in chapters 18b, 23, and 24. Think of this list of concepts as an add-on to the exam 3 outline that you have from the last exam. There were several general concepts listed the Chapters 19-22 section of that outline that are still relevant to chapters 23 & 24: Interpretations of confidence interval and/or hypothesis test result Understanding the general form of a confidence interval (point estimate ± margin of error) Determining the width, margin of error, or point estimate of a confidence interval Knowing when to reject H 0 and support H A ( do so when the p-value is small) Understanding the meaning of a p-value Understanding the meaning of 95% confidence Understanding the effect of increasing sample size ( n ) Deciding whether or not to reject H 0 by determining if H 0 lies inside the confidence interval Making Type I & II errors Additional new concepts are listed below. In addition to doing a quick review of major concepts, you might want to look over the online quizzes and the in-class handouts/activities. Where needed, go to the textbook homework problems for further practice. You need to bring a graphing calculator with you to the exam. The Z-Table, T-Table, and Inferential Statistics Formula Sheet will be provided. You are NOT allowed an index card for this exam – the formula sheet is provided!!! Chapter 18b - According to the Central Limit Theorem (CLT), regardless of the population’s shape, what happens to the sampling distribution of sample means ( _ y -values) as the sample size (
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Exam4-outline - STA2023 Exam 4 Outline(Chapters 18b 23 24...

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