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1 STA2023 – Inferential Statistics Practice Problems (Ch. 19-24) Each of the following scenarios requires a test of significance (hypothesis test) to answer the question that is posed. Decide which type of test is appropriate (1-Proportion Z-Test, 2-Proportion Z-Test, 1-Sample T-Test, or 2-Sample T-Test) and write an appropriate null and alternative hypothesis for each. For additional practice, you might want to run the appropriate hypothesis test using the 6 steps discussed in class and/or using the STAT/TESTS feature of your calculator. Also, you might want to practice finding confidence intervals for each and interpret your confidence interval results (the answer key shows 95% confidence interval results only). 1. A 10-year old study claims that adults spend an average of 14 hours on chores during a weekend. An economist wanted to check if the current mean is still 14 hours. Recently, a random sample of 200 adults taken by the economist showed that the sampled adults spend an average of 13.55 hours on chores during a weekend. The standard deviation of this sample data is 3.1 hours. Does the sample data provide statistically significant evidence to conclude that, on average , adults now spend fewer than the 14 hours per weekend on chores that was reported
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