Lab2-Ch19-22 - STA2023 LAB 2 Confidence Intervals...

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1 STA2023 – LAB 2 p and p 1 - p 2 ) A One-Proportion Study In a poll of 800 randomly selected adults, 8.5% said they are in favor of the cloning of human beings. 1. How many of these 800 adults feel that cloning should be allowed? Let this represent the number of successes in your sample data. Recall: # of successes = n * p 2. Assume that all of the necessary assumptions/conditions (page 493 - plausible independence, randomization, 10% condition, success/failure condition) have been met for approximating the distribution of sample proportions ( ^ p -values) with a normal distribution. Use Minitab to find a 95% confidence interval for the proportion of all adults who feel that cloning should be allowed. Click on STAT , Basic Statistics , then 1-Proportion . Since you have summary results (not the individual data), click on the Summarized Data button. Enter the number of successes (# of events = 68) and number of trials (n = 800) into the appropriate fields. Click the Options button to choose the appropriate confidence level (95%). Choose NOT EQUAL for the Alternative and click the check box for Use Test and Interval Based on a Normal Distribution. Click OK twice. The confidence interval results should now be in the session window. Did you get (0.065675, 0.104325) ? Interpret the meaning of your confidence interval in the context of the given scenario. 3. A newspaper reporter has seen this Gallup poll information and writes an article with the following headline: “More Than 7.5% of Adults Favor Cloning”. Write an appropriate null and alternative
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Lab2-Ch19-22 - STA2023 LAB 2 Confidence Intervals...

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