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Homework Assignment #8 Due: Friday 12/3/09 Total: 100 points (Problem 3 worths 30 points; all other problems worth 10 points each.) Reading: Hartle Chapter 9 and 12 All problems refer to Hartle unless noted otherwise. [1] 9.6 [2] 9.18 [3] Write a Mathematica Notebook as given in Appendix C. All you need is the lines In[1] through In[10]. You are strongly encouraged to code this yourself instead of downloading it from the book website so that you understand completely the structure of the code and learn the syntax of Mathematica. Use
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Unformatted text preview: the code to calculate the Christoel symbols for the Schwarzchild geometry. (You need to specify the metric for the Schwarzchild geometry in In[4]. You need to print out and hand in the entire notebook including output Out[10] which will display the Christoel symbols. ) (We will be using the code when discussing Einstein equation (you will then need those lines after In[10]) so it would be a good idea to keep a copy of the le even after you have turned in the homework.) [4] 9.12 [5] 9.17 [6] 9.8 [7] 12.3 [8] 12.4...
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