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psy - Classical conditioning A type of learning in which an...

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Fixed action pattern- a species specific behavior that is built into an amimals nervous system and is triggered by a specific stimlus. Lorenz and Tinberger, the behavior of animals on natural habitat. The response is automatic like a reflex. Learning- a relativly permenant change in knowledge or behavior that results from experience. Experience is nessarry for us to speak, read, ect.. Adaptation by learning is flexable. Haituation- simplest form of learning, the tendency of an organism to become familiar with a stimulus as a result of repeated exposure. Sokolov experiment. Association- the tendency to connect events that occur together. Pavalov- noticed that the dogs would salavate beofre the food was even placed in there mouth, that they would when they hear the footsteps of the people who brought the food.
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Unformatted text preview: Classical conditioning- A type of learning in which an organism comes to associate one stimulus with another. Uncondictional response- an unlearned response to an uncondictional stimulus. Unconditional stimulus- a stimulus that triggers an uncondictioned response. Conditioned Stimulus- a neutral stimulus that comesto evoke a classically conditioned respose Conditioned response- a learned response to a classical stimulus. Acquisition- the formation of a learned response to a stimulus through the presentation of an unconditioned stimulus or reinforcement. This is influenced by many factors including time and order of presentation. It is quickest when the CS precedes the onset of the US (forward). When the US is presented before the CS learning the obervation does not occur (backward). Extinction-...
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