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Problem Set 2 Econ 122 B – Applied Econometrics Due Thursday, Oct. 14 at the beginning of lecture FIRST STEP: PLEASE TYPE YOUR NAME and UCI ID IN THE UPPER RIGHT CORNER OF THIS DOCUMENT. For all questions, please paste the necessary output from eViews and answer the question below the output. You will then print this out, staple it , and hand it in on the due date. Use the data set TeachingRatings (referring to the data description file too) and answer the following questions: 1. Construct a scatter plot of average course evaluations ( Course_Eval ) on the professor’s beauty ( Beauty ). Does there appear to be a relationship between the variables? 2. Run a regression of Course_Eval on Beauty , Intro , OneCredit , Female , Minority , NN English . Using the regression output, interpret the coefficients of
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Unformatted text preview: Beauty and Female . Construct a 95% Confidence Interval (CI) for Beauty and interpret it. 3. Re-run the above regression adding the variables Age , Age^2 and Beauty*Female . 4. Specify a formal test for the null hypothesis that the male-female difference in the effect of Beauty is statistically insignificant? 5. Give an estimate for the decrease in course evaluations ( Course_Eval ) associated with 5 years increase in professor’s age ( Age ) with the initial value being the mean of the Age variable. Give a 90% confidence band for this estimate. 6. Carry out a Ramsey test for the null hypothesis that the functional form of the model in problem 3 is correct....
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