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Name: Peter the Anteater UC ID Number: XXXXX Problem Set 3 Econ 122 B – Applied Econometrics Due Thursday November 4 th at the beginning of lecture FIRST STEP: PLEASE TYPE YOUR NAME and UCI ID IN THE UPPER RIGHT CORNER OF THIS DOCUMENT. Just erase “Peter the Anteater” and type your name. The following problem set will use the lowbirth eviews workfile. For all questions, please paste the necessary output from eViews and answer the question below the output. You will then print this out, staple it , and hand it in on the due date. Preliminary Set-up: Structure the unstructured dataset to make it a panel structure in Eviews (hint –click on “Proc” and then “Structure/Resize Current Page”). Please start your answers on a new page, pasting the regression output and your answers to the questions. 1. Regress lowbrth on afdcprc , log( physicpc ), log( bedspc ), log( pcinc ), and log( popul ), where the dependent variable is lowbrth , the percentage of births that are classified as
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