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----------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- storage display value variable name type format label variable label ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- year int %9.0g 1987 or 1990 lowbrth float %9.0g perc births low weight infmort float %9.0g infant mortality rate afdcprt int %9.0g # participants in AFDC, 1000s popul int %9.0g population, 1000s pcinc int %9.0g per capita income physic int %9.0g # physicians, 1000s afdcprc float %9.0g percent of pop in AFDC d90 byte %9.0g =1 if year == 1990 lpcinc float %9.0g log of pcinc cafdcprc float %9.0g change in afdcprc clpcinc float %9.0g change in lpcinc lphysic float %9.0g log of physic clphysic float %9.0g change in lphysic clowbrth float %9.0g change in lowbrth cinfmort float %9.0g change in infmort
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Unformatted text preview: afdcpay int %9.0g avg monthly AFDC payment afdcinc float %9.0g afdcpay as % pcinc lafdcpay float %9.0g log of afdcpay clafdcpy float %9.0g change in lafdcpay cafdcinc float %9.0g change in afdcinc stateabb str2 %9s state postal code state str12 %12s name of state beds float %9.0g # hospital beds, 1000s bedspc float %9.0g beds per capita lbedspc float %9.0g log(bedspc) clbedspc float %9.0g change in lbedspc povrate float %9.0g % people below poverty line cpovrate float %9.0g change in povrate afdcpsq float %9.0g afdcper^2 cafdcpsq float %9.0g change in afdcpsq physicpc float %9.0g physicians per capita lphypc float %9.0g log(physicpc) clphypc float %9.0g change in lphypc lpopul float %9.0g log(popul) clpopul float %9.0g change in lpopul -------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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