wagedes - 11 south =1 if live in southern region 12 west =1...

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WAGE1.DES wage educ exper tenure nonwhite female married numdep smsa northcen south west construc ndurman trcommpu trade services profserv profocc clerocc servocc lwage expersq tenursq Obs: 526 1. wage average hourly earnings 2. educ years of education 3. exper years potential experience 4. tenure years with current employer 5. nonwhite =1 if nonwhite 6. female =1 if female 7. married =1 if married 8. numdep number of dependents 9. smsa =1 if live in SMSA 10. northcen =1 if live in north central U.S
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Unformatted text preview: 11. south =1 if live in southern region 12. west =1 if live in western region 13. east =1 if live in the east region 13. construc =1 if work in construc. indus. 14. ndurman =1 if in nondur. manuf. indus. 15. trcommpu =1 if in trans, commun, pub ut 16. trade =1 if in wholesale or retail 17. services =1 if in services indus. 18. profserv =1 if in prof. serv. indus. 19. profocc =1 if in profess. occupation 20. clerocc =1 if in clerical occupation 21. servocc =1 if in service occupation...
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