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1 Temperament, Emotions, and the Self Part I November 9, 2010 Infant Development, Fall 2010 Chapter 10 What is Temperament? ____________: Enduring set of characteristics • Qualities are discernable by parents and researchers • Individual differences due to innate tendencies • How to conceptualize these differences? Measuring Temperament • Parent-report or interviews • Observing infants in natural settings • Laboratory assessments, such as the Laboratory Temperament Assessment Battery • Neurophysiological assessments, including heart rate, cortisol, pupil dilation, electroencephalogram (EEG)
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2 Thomas and Chess • Discussed innate, genetic aspects of temperament • Temperament evolves over time with cognitive development and is influenced by the family and characteristics of the environment • Assessed ________ different dimensions of temperament that were classified into ________ different categories Three Temperament Categories _______ temperament: About __% of infants
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