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SMPA 120 Class Notes  29/11/2010 07:17:21 Elections and voting  turnout- what percentage of the population shows up to vote  trend of decreasing turnout in America 2008- 62.8% voter turnout like in 1960  o do you think that was a special case or factors that made turnout rise  to historically high levels?  Three sets of factors that affects turnout:  individual factors o demographic predictors of voting include age, church attendance, how  long you have been living in community, education and income o rational actor model- act of voting is a cost benefit calculation. If  benefits of voting exceed the cost  o PB+D>C P robability that your actual vote will make a difference- more  likely when race is very close B enefits from having your preferred candidate win  D=  civic duty, Psychological gratification you acquire from the  sense of voting- feel good about participating in the electoral 
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This note was uploaded on 11/28/2010 for the course SMPA 120 taught by Professor Catherines.bailard during the Fall '09 term at GWU.

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15 - SMPA120ClassNotes Electionsandvoting 07:17:21...

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