20 - SMPA120ClassNotes 07:17:27 o incentives:,wanttofindout importantissues,

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SMPA 120 Class Notes 29/11/2010 07:17:27 Polling specifically to elections  different types of election polls which have different sponsors candidates themselves sponsor polls o incentives: help them better craft their campaigns, want to find out  important issues, media focus on likely winners so if you can increase  your visibility and popularity you will get more attention, important to  attract attention early in campaign,  o bandwagon effects  news agencies  o incentives: public loves horserace stories, need to fill 24 hour news  cycle, seemingly objective- polls are just numbers,  several different types of polls- point is to predict electoral outcomes  benchmark surveys- early in campaign season, sets a benchmark of where  candidate stands in campaign o Purpose  determine viability of the candidate, how candidate is received  baseline  tells candidates what issues voters care about how do people feel about incumbent  can determine how to craft a campaign to shift voters in  your favor o what information is gathered? Demographic information, level of name  recognition, citizens assessments of officeholders performance, voters  positions on issues  trial heat surveys o pair competing candidates and ask voters whom they would vote for in  that race  o compares how different sets of candidates would do against each 
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This note was uploaded on 11/28/2010 for the course SMPA 120 taught by Professor Catherines.bailard during the Fall '09 term at GWU.

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20 - SMPA120ClassNotes 07:17:27 o incentives:,wanttofindout importantissues,

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