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SMPA 120 Class Notes 19:49 Frasier McGovern Commission- 1968 McCarthy- popular choice candidate  Democratic insiders chose to ignore voters and nominated Humphrey Activists protested this in Chicago  Led to nationally outcry that primary system was corrupt  Changed the primary system to regain credibility with voters- state primaries  and caucus’s- voters vote did count, outcome was bound  Republican party followed soon after Effects:  o Campaigns are the territory of individual candidates– party was pushed to  the periphery  o Individual candidates had more control over their own campaigns  Raising funds, platforms, reaching voters, assemble own campaign  teams Do voters learn from campaigns?  Voters can recall small amount of information about campaigns Even if you couldn’t recall factual information, there was a parallel between  information in campaign stories and vote choice- priming and agenda setting
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This note was uploaded on 11/28/2010 for the course SMPA 120 taught by Professor Catherines.bailard during the Fall '09 term at GWU.

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27 - SMPA120ClassNotes 19:49

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