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SMPA 120 Class Notes  19:45 Difference in how men and women are treated News media tend to treat campaigns differently Women- negative horserace terms than male counterparts Social issues tend not to be reflected as often as issues that are traditionally  male Important with respect to agenda setting and priming- bias voters to vote with  criteria in mind  1992- year of the woman- number of women who won congressional offices-  more focused on social issues o why are women better equipped to handle social issues?  o More compassionate, more liberal, dedicated to honest government  Female candidates will benefit when they focus on their positive  characteristics Do female candidates have to pander to gender stereotypes to be successful?  Internet First tv and radio Will internet be great force for democracy? o
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This note was uploaded on 11/28/2010 for the course SMPA 120 taught by Professor Catherines.bailard during the Fall '09 term at GWU.

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29 - SMPA120ClassNotes 19:45...

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