LectureNotes - OB Notes (Innovation Lecture) 10/3/2006...

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Unformatted text preview: OB Notes (Innovation Lecture) 10/3/2006 06:40:00 AM ← What’s changed in the nature of organizations, work, and management over the last fifty years? • Decline in Unions • More women (ethnicity) in the workplace • Globalization • The internet (increased communication) • Deeper jobs with more generally focused leaders • Specialization in productivity • Improvement of networking • Worldwide homogenization • Increased public involvement in the stock market (Share-holder rights/value) • Higher standards of work analysis (EPA, bond-ratings, etc.) • Virtual corporations • Growth and larger output of advertising (succinct with growth in communication outlets) • Service based economies • Scarcity of resources and social responsibility • Dichotomy of retirement age (better saving vs. inability to save) ← ← Managerial Judgement • How managers think, particularly mistakes they make. • See quote on notes. ← Introduction • Primary responsibility of managers is DECISION MAKING o Identify internal and external cues that signal threat or opportunity Market problems need to be fixed. Managers need to realize what needs to be fixed in order correct market. i.e. packaging, supply, shipping, bad product?...
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LectureNotes - OB Notes (Innovation Lecture) 10/3/2006...

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