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Augusta+Mental+Health+Institute+2005 - Images in Psychiatry...

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Am J Psychiatry 162:10, October 2005 1823 Images in Psychiatry http://ajp.psychiatryonline.org Augusta Mental Health Institute, 1840–2004 A fter 164 years of continuously serving the needs of Maine’s most seriously mentally ill, the Augusta Mental Health Institute closed in June of 2004. The oldest psychi- atric hospital in Maine, and among the oldest in the na- tion, the institute first opened its doors in 1840 as the Maine Insane Hospital. Like most state hospitals, the Au- gusta Mental Health Institute grew over the years, and it peaked at a census of 1,800 in 1958. In recent years it con- tinued to serve approximately 100 patients on units in the original granite structure pictured here. The institute was associated with several prominent fig- ures in American psychiatry. The first medical superinten- dent was Isaac Ray, M.D., an obscure, 31-year-old general practitioner in rural Eastport, Me., when he published his authoritative “A Treatise on the Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity.” It was during his years at the Augusta Mental
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