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Am J Psychiatry 166:10, October 2009 1117 Images in Psychiatry Arthur Bispo do Rosário (1909?-1989): Insanity and Art Mentally ill people are like hummingbirds: they never land, floating two meters above the ground. —Bispo do Rosário T his year (perhaps, since the date is controversial) we cele- brate the birth centennial of Arthur Bispo do Rosário, one of the most outstanding and studied contemporary Brazilian artists. He developed all his work throughout the approximately 50 years during which he was hospitalized in the psychiatric colony Juliano Moreira, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. In 1938, Bispo had a psychotic episode in which he believed that he was given the mis- sion of recreating the universe to present it to God on Judgment Day. He was then arrested and afterward hospitalized without re- covering, diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia (1). Deprived of social contact, Bispo do Rosário began a compul- sive artistic production out of trash and junk. He had no academic
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