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Unformatted text preview: 2248 Am J Psychiatry 162:12, December 2005 Images in Psychiatry Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (18601904) C hekhovs stories and plays show deep psychological insight. He realized that scientific rationalism could not give us the an- swers to some important questions, such as, What is the meaning of life? Thus, he presented man as a victim in an absurd world. Chekhov graduated from medical school in 1884 and started working as a physician in a suburban Moscow hospital. Eight years later, he purchased the rundown Melikhovo estate 70 km south of Moscow. He lived there until his declining health due to lung tu- berculosis forced him to move to the milder climate of Yalta. In Melikhovo, Chekhov saw hundreds of patients, made more than a thousand house calls, and fought against cholera and il- literacy (1). Although he practiced medicine by day, at night he wrote masterpiecesstories and two magnificent plays: The Sea- gull and Uncle Vanya. Although Chekhov was not a wealthy man,...
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